Automatic drop- down seal- an alternative to threshold pack

Automatic drop-down seals for doors are created to close the gap between the door and the floor. Filling the gap when the door is closed, automatic seals keep out dust and insects and protect from air, water, wind and noise to guarantee comfort and safety in living spaces.

Planet X3

The main feature of the automatic drop-down seal is to make the door soundproof and prevent the spread of any kinds of lights or odors. With the drop-down seal, it is possible to continue the floor surface in the rooms. It also gives an opportunity to a person with reduced mobility or a wheelchair to move in these rooms without obstacles.

Some of the drop-down seals are also smoke and fire proof and there are also seals that have certificates of the evacuation requirements, protection against radioactivity or a function to prevent the spread of bacteria.

The seal can be installed in a wooden, metal or PVC door in the production process or later with an additional element

Is it possible to install a drop-down seal to a glass door?

The drop-down seal can also be installed to a glass doors. The drop-down seal will be attached to the glass surface with a special glue. The glass door seals can be ordered with sound insulation, smoke and fire protection features.

Planet Glass Door Drop-Down Seals

New automatic drop-down door seal with ventilation features

The new Planet drop-down seal with ventilation feature is well suited for rooms with wooden doors, where the movement of ventilated air should go through the gap under the door. The seal allows air to move from one room to another, even when the door is closed. The drop-down seal is suitable to rooms where it is important to prevent odors, light and sound from one room to another, such as bathrooms.

The sound isolation of the drop-down seal goes up to 27 dB, the product moves quietly, it is energy-saving and the seal can also be ordered with fire protection features.

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