ABLOY ACTIVE – An infection reducing antimicrobial coating

Avoiding large public events and venues, washing hands and taking care of our health are the main activities to prevent the spread of viral diseases around us. The ACTIVE coating is antimicrobial due to the silver particles it contains, whose bacteria-killing properties have been known for centuries. The ACTIVE solution destroys at best 99.9% of harmful bacteria combined with regular cleaning. Not only is silver an effective ingredient against bacteria and viruses, it is also 100% safe to touch.

All Abloy’s painted handles come with an ACTIVE coating. The standard colours for painted handles are white, aluminium grey, black and graphite. Other colours are available on special order. With a wide range of colours,it is possible to create not only hygienic, but also an aesthetically coherent door environment.

Allikas: www.abloy.com/et „Active pinnakattega ukselingid takistavad 99% kahjulike bakterite levikut“ 09.03.2020

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